Too reliant on one client or revenue source? We can show you how to diversify.

Our Services

Miles Management Consulting products and services will help you set the path for your business or team – no matter what direction you want it to take.  We don’t believe in “one size fits all” so all our services are tailored to suit you and your situation; but we do believe we can help your business become more profitable, competitive and sustainable.

Strategic Thinking & Planning profitable_services    sustainable_services

Strategic planning is the process for determining the medium to long-term direction for your business and how you will go about reaching it. We will help you with the strategic thinking required with proven strategies and tactics that will help get where you want to go quicker.

Focused on a whole of business approach, we use our unique planning process to help businesses adapt, improve and endure for the future.

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Financial Management profitable_services    sustainable_services

The financial performance of your business is like the ‘scoreboard’ in a game of football and just like a game of football you are in business to win i.e. make a profit, generate cash and ultimately build value in your business.  As a business owner you have invested money, blood, sweat and tears into your business and you must see it as an investment that you have to get a return out of.

We work with business owners to ensure they see their business as an investment and that they ultimately get a return on that investment and reap the rewards of all their hard work and sacrifices.

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Business Advisory Boards profitable_services    sustainable_services

Imagine having a team of experts focused just on your business, giving you insights, pushing your boundaries and asking the tough questions? Tim and his team have introduced this innovative Advisory Board concept to give businesses, just like yours, access to the best experts.

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Business Valuations profitable_services    sustainable_services

We believe all business owners should consider their business as an investment and their number one strategy is increase the value of that investment.  As someone once said “If you value your business you should get your business valued”.

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Succession and Exit Planning  profitable_services    sustainable_services

Most business owners go into the business to create wealth out of an idea or passion they have. Most time is focused on growing the revenue and increasing the profit line, that most do not spend time planning on what a successful exit could look like.

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Selling your Business  profitable_services    sustainable_services

Miles Management Consulting is member firm of the national transaction advisory firm, Divest Merge Acquire (previously Supertrac) and Tim is one of their most experienced advisers having been with DMA since 2011.

We are engaged by clients to sell their business, raise capital through equity or source acquisitions.

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