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Business Advisory Board

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“How can I get the best price for my business?”
“I’ve had enough; it’s time for me to either get out or sell”
“I need the sale of my business to fund my retirement!”

Imagine having a team of experts focused just on your business, giving you insights, pushing your boundaries and asking the tough questions? Tim and his team have introduced this innovative Advisory Board concept to give businesses, just like yours, access to the best experts.

We find the advisory board is an excellent forum for pulling you out of the day to day “firefighting” mindset and getting you focused on the big picture. We meet with you monthly to assess the current performance of your business and help you focus on the execution of your strategy. Tim and his team will give you objective external advice, play devil’s advocate if necessary and ultimately give you fresh insights and thinking.

We can also introduce you to colleagues who are recognised experts in a number of fields and industries including strategic marketing, online strategies, corporate advisory, mergers and acquisitions.

We can also put together a board of 3 or 4 experts (including us) and then facilitate 3 or 6 monthly reviews that look at all the key aspects of your business, track your progress in line with your goals and explore the potential to grow your business, consolidate your product or service mix and improve your profitability.

After just one or two meeting with your Advisory Board you will feel equipped to take on the big challenges and be confident you have a good understanding of all possible scenarios.