Is your business under performing? Find out what needs to change and how to make it happen.

Strategic Thinking & Planning

Strategic Thinking & Planning profitable_services  sustainable_services

“We need to diversify our business”
“We know where we want the business to be, we’re just not sure how to get there”
“The world has changed and we need to change with it”

Strategic planning is the process for determining the medium to long-term direction for your business and how you will go about reaching it. We will help you with the strategic thinking required with proven strategies and tactics that will help get where you want to go quicker.

Focused on a whole of business approach, we use our unique planning process to help businesses adapt, improve and endure for the future.

Roundtable Discussion

A Roundtable Discussion is a cost effective way to get started; an intensive half day with Tim and his team will help you understand the current issues facing your business and how they will impact on your aspirations for the future. This expert access will help you prioritise your business issues into a manageable plan for action. We will assess the current context for your business and help you develop a clear way forward with guidelines on what is important to get done right now and what you’ll need to focus on in the future.

In just one session, you’ll feel better informed and have a sense of direction.

Business Strategy

Once you’ve identified the key issues you need to act fast; our vast industry and business experience can help you develop effective and efficient strategies to boost your competitiveness and business performance.

Working with key people in your business, we will develop a one-page business plan to get you back on the road to success.  Easy to understand, this will align your team to your mission, vision, values, identify challenges and opportunities as well as deciding on what is important, right now for the business to focus on. It will in effect, define your business strategy using tried and tested diagnostics with a series of face to face meetings.

The process we use is designed to engage your key people to create ownership of where your business is going.

In a matter of 3 – 4 weeks you will be feeling less stressed and more positive about the future of your business.  

Business Performance Scorecard

This is where the rubber hits the road. The Business Performance Scorecard takes the Business Strategy to another level of detail by defining the key business objectives, measures of success, target performance, key milestones, individual accountability and timeframe to deliver. We look at everything from people resources to client relationships and your policies and procedures so we can outline all the actions you will need to take to implement your strategy. We work closely with you to help you set realistic and achievable goals and ensure that you have adequate resources to achieve your business strategy.

At the end of the project, we will provide you with a management tool in which you will be able to hold yourself and individual managers accountable. This option is great for Business Owners who want to drive better performance, accountability and decision making within their management team.

In just a couple of months you will know exactly what you and your team have to do to achieve your goals.

Strategic Plan Implementation

The best business strategy or plan is really just good intention unless you know how to convert the plan into work, tasks and responsibilities.  We use two powerful tools, our Business Performance Scorecard and our Business Advisory Boards that identify touch points that can help you check your progress and tick off your achievements.

As part of the Advisory board we will meet with you for an agreed period to help you focus on the execution of your strategy while also assessing the current performance of the business. This creates an excellent forum for pulling you out of the daily “fire fighting” mind-set to focus on the big picture. We will give you objective, external advice, play devil’s advocate if necessary and ultimately give you fresh insights and thinking.